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At Media Rebel, we understand that the digital realm is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. We have many certifications and credentials in digital advertising. Rest assured, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of the digital advertising world.

We navigate the dynamic digital landscape to reach your audience everywhere, on every device.

Digital Strategy: This is the first step and most crucial step. In order to know how tactics align with your business goals and objectives, an overarching digital strategy must first be created. We analyze several factors when crafting your digital strategy and take the time to really know and understand your business.

Branding and messaging: We ensure your position is at the forefront and there is no brand fragmentation. We work with you to apply best practices and deliver what your target audience wants. 

SEO: We start by reviewing your website content and run an SEO audit to see how you rank organically. From there, we develop a strong SEO strategy that ensures that you are prominent organically.

Social media: Platforms continue to grow and if you aren’t utilizing it correctly your competition can be benefiting! We work to develop a social strategy for you that aligns with your content pillars, objectives and goals. Organic, while important, needs to have a paid strategy attached to it. This ensures your audience sees your content.

Search Engine Marketing: We have spent years developing our skills and certifications in Google search. We understand that keyword alignment is everything and work with you to develop a strong SEM campaign.

Analytics: Google Analytics is important for tracking user behavior on your website. It helps you understand how users find your site, how long they stay, and which pages they prefer. Additionally, it provides other valuable information. Without these insights you could be making errors without knowing it!

Programmatic Advertising: There is a reason this continues to grow in usage for businesses. With it's reach and strategic targeting programmatic is a must for all businesses. Programmatic advertising includes online video (OLV), connected TV (CTV), digital out of home (DOOH), streaming audio, podcast advertising, and more!

Our team doesn't just execute campaigns; we craft experiences that captivate and convert. We create eye-catching ads, adjust targeting, and provide monthly reports to keep you informed. 

Corporate Marketing Events: We specialize in elevating brand engagement and fostering team camaraderie through cutting-edge technologies. Our mirror photo booth is the epitome of interactive fun, offering your team the opportunity to capture memorable moments with a creative twist or use it at industry trade shows. Draw crowds and spark conversations as attendees capture share-worthy photos with our state-of-the-art booth.

From themed filters that align with your brand message to branded frames that ensure maximum exposure, we tailor every aspect of the experience to seamlessly integrate with your marketing goals.

From team-building exercises to product launches, let us enhance your corporate events with immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Ready to elevate your digital presence? Let's embark on this journey together contact us today!

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