Digital Marketing in 2024: Why You Need to Hire A Digital Agency

By: Janice Becker (5/23/24)
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Digital marketing has evolved into the most imperative way we connect with our target audience. 2024 and the years to come, will only continue to show us how important a digital marketing strategy is.

Technology, especially AI, and automation tools are advancing quickly, making the digital world more active than before. Despite these developments, the value of partnering with a professional digital agency like Media Rebel remains important.

Want your business to stand out online? You most certainly want to have a strong digital marketing plan. The best and surest ways to secure your position and voice in the digital space while also employing an expert strategy is by hiring a digital agency.

The Digital Marketing Evolution

Let’s be honest, digital marketing has come a long way! In the early days it was a simple banner ad or email campaign.

Over the years we have evolved into a more strategic approach. With several digital tactics and products to apply in digital marketing. Some tactics are: search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization (SEO), social media content management and advertising, text marketing, email marketing, programmatic advertising, and much more!

AI is growing and changing how we strategize and market through social media, content marketing, planning, and strategizing. With a great deal of AI companies promising instant results and ease of performing digital marketing. We caution you when employing these companies.

While we are fans of AI and it has a good amount of benefits, it still has a way to go. Most of the AI technology that is out helps with the surface of the issues but it has limitations. It does not have the ability to deep dive into your analytics, audience, goals, objectives. Nor does it understand the same way a human does when optimizing or A/B testing.

Furthermore, the AI content you generate is not copyrighted. This is becoming problematic for businesses that do not want their post or content stolen.

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The Role of a Digital Agency 

A digital agency is your go-to marketing expert in the digital world. They execute and deliver the digital marketing plan essential for your success. Your digital agency should be an extension of your business, assisting you by researching, strategizing, analyzing, and implementing.

While AI tools are advancing, the knowledge and guidance provided by a digital agency like Media Rebel remain crucial.

Here’s more reasons why:

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Expertise and Experience

Agencies, like Media Rebel. Bring years of digital marketing experience and specialized knowledge to the table. This ensures that your digital marketing efforts are strategically strong and customized to your business goals and objectives.

Understanding more than just acronyms, such as; CPM, CPC, CTR, Impressions, and Reach. It's understanding strategy and what to look for, how to optimize, and what is driving them.

Digital marketing encompasses many factors and without the experience and expertise you could lose out on customers and money.

Media Rebel has helped numerous businesses in various verticals, making us vertical agnostic. Our experience allows us to help create effective digital marketing plans tailored to each client's needs.

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Market Research

Market research is imperative in developing a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Evaluating several market factors is a major step in this process. Looking at competitors, your online presence, analytics, identifying digital needs and opportunities, performing forecasts and much more!

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Media Rebel specializes in developing comprehensive and customized digital marketing strategies that create a strong digital presence for our clients. Without a strong digital strategy you could be losing out on a lot of advertising dollars.

Website Architecture, Development and Responsiveness

When first starting, many businesses turn to a website builder like WIX or Squarespace. Given the cost to build a website can be more than a business is willing or able to spend upon starting, this is understandable.

Having a website built for you provides you with ownership, security, data backups, SEO, responsiveness, and more.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains a top tier way to drive traffic organically to your website.

The majority of traffic arrives to your website through organic, also known as unpaid methods.

Monitoring SEO with various tools is extremely important. This ensures that you maintain keyword relevance, content optimizations, and linking.

A digital agency updates several factors. Meta tags, titles, keywords, optimizations, and building high-quality backlinks, just to name a few. This helps ensure your website is technologically sound.

Staying Ahead of Trends

The digital marketing world is evolving every second. Media Rebel makes every effort to stay ahead of these evolvements. We monitor trends, evaluate new strategies, and implement the latest best practices.

We keeping ourselves educated on these trends to better serve our clients maintain their online presence. 

Overwhelming Complexity

Digital marketing is increasingly complex. We have spent years working directly with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Analytics, Programmatic, and many more. We have also earned many certifications over the years while working in these platforms.

Understanding tools, strategies, forecasting, and platforms is a full-time job because of their complexities and technological advancements.

For successful digital marketing, you must understand its complexities or hire someone who does. This will ensure your marketing efforts are effective.

Consistency and Quality

All of your digital marketing efforts should work together. Have consistent branding and a clear message to build trust with your audience. Brand consistency and a strong story are important. Your brand is what positions you as the leading authority in your space.

Create brand guidelines such as; uniformed logos, colors, tone of voice, imagery and taglines. Your logo is the first visual your audience has of you. Because of this, it should the same on all social channels, your website, articles, and anywhere else you are using it.

A primary color palette helps you stay consistent in all digital marketing and brand materials. When you think of top brands such as: McDonalds, Starbucks, Target, Pepsi, etc., they all have a color palette.

These are just a few items in your brand that will assist in securing your online presence.

Media Rebel works to develop a clear and consistent message on all digital platforms where you are. 

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Data-Driven Insights

Analytics are imperative to the success and development of your digital marketing plan. Analytics tell the story with data-driven insights that impact decision-making across multiple channels. This approach ensures that your marketing efforts are both effective and efficient.

Continuous Support and Optimization

Some digital agencies may have the mentality to set it and forget it, but not Media Rebel. We provide continuous support, optimizations, and reporting. Working alongside you with clear communication ensuring that your campaign(s) remain effective and adaptable.

Transparent Reporting

We do monthly reporting and meet with you regularly to discuss and educate you on your digital efforts. We believe that transparency builds trust and keeps you informed as to what is and isn’t working.

not regular rebellious leading digital rebellion

Commitment to Being Rebellious

Our mission remains to rebel against industry norms and to raise the bar as to how we feel digital agencies should work with clients.

Upon meeting with us, it will be clear to see that we are different from the majority. We truly value transparency, dedication, and integrity. We educate ourselves in digital marketing on a daily basis.

We aren't a traditional agency that woke up one day and realized we should jump on the digital bandwagon. We grew up with the evolution of digital technology. This means digital is our identity. We have digital marketing ingrained in our DNA and it is who we will continue to be.

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Digital Agency Cost

Cost can be a concern for some. Unfortunately, some agencies have created this stigma. Three main pricing structures for agencies: Hourly, Retainer and project based.

Hourly rates have a rather broad range of pricing, depending on the size and location of the agency. When working with an hourly agency, how they will keep track of their performance. Only agree to the number of hours you are comfortable spending. Keep in mind that you will also need to ensure that those hours still give you what you need in your digital marketing efforts.

Retainer based pricing is typically an estimated number of hours charged as a monthly fee. Most agencies will also charge an hourly rate for any extra work need outside the initial estimated hours. The agreements tend to last for a few months to a year.

Project based agencies require an upfront deposit and charge upon milestones. Milestone payments can be monthly, phase based, or on completion of a deliverables. Invoicing is typically on a set monthly schedule.

Media Rebel employs retainer and project based billing. This is dependent on our clients individual needs and budget.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Digital Marketing Future with Media Rebel

In 2024, digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Don’t get lost in it!

Join us in leading the digital rebellion. By partnering with Media Rebel, you will have a strong online presence and succeed in your digital marketing efforts. Click here to learn more about Media Rebel and our Founder.

Are you ready to join the digital rebellion? Contact Media Rebel today and discover how our expertise can transform your business.


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